What Do Condos Provide to Their Residents?

As a renter, you may be wondering: What do condos provide their tenants? Read on to learn more! We’ll cover Common grounds, trash disposal, pool access, and other amenities. But you should also keep in mind that a condo is not a hotel! Read on to find out if the amenities you’re looking for are included in the price of your monthly rent. In addition, you should find out if the property management company maintains and cleans the premises. Visit our office to buy a pre construction condo in Toronto at cheap rates.

Common grounds:

There are different kinds of common areas and rules in place. Some require leases; others require an “at your word” agreement. Businesses or other tenants may share common areas, and some are strictly for communal use. Common areas in apartments and co-ops are often under leases or contracts. These leases may limit the use of the common areas and how they are maintained. The rules may vary from condo to condo.

Trash disposal:

Trash disposal is a service that is required for all condos by law, and most property managers do so as a benefit to tenants. However, some property managers don’t provide recycling services to tenants, and it’s sometimes cheaper for them to not provide them. In addition, many residents do not know about recycling rules, so they often end up paying more for garbage and recycling pickup than they should. Property managers should call their property management company to provide proper recycling bins if this is the case.

Trash disposal is also important for the community’s aesthetic appeal and safety. Trash removal is a service condos provide to their tenants that can benefit the community and boost the property’s value. This toolkit can help apartment complexes get started with a recycling program, which will benefit the bottom line, improve the marketability of the units, and enhance the community’s quality of life.


A pool on the property sounds luxurious. In addition to the obvious benefits of enjoying a refreshing swim, a pool also increases the price of an apartment, especially if you’re in a high-end building. But keeping a pool in good condition can be a hassle. Not to mention that maintaining the pool requires a lot of energy and time, making the property more expensive.

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